stick cricket apk full version free download

stick cricket apk full version free download

stick cricket apk full version cracked
This mod for Stick Cricket Android game will unlock the full features of the game and will make it a full version. This modified version of the game will allow you to play up to 20 over, 5 exclusive achievements unlocked, 14 levels of world domination and exclusive access to Stick Cricket World cup edition and premier league. The size of the mod is only 36 MB and it works on both rooted and non-rooted devices.

Stick Cricket Android Cheat Code

The main features of Stick Cricket Android Mod are given below:

1. More Overs – Basic free version is limited to 5 over only but with this mod you can play up to 20 over all star slog.

2. Achievements – The free version has 6 achievements but this mod will also unlock 5 more exclusive achievements.

3. World domination – You can play all 14 levels of world domination.

4. Extras – You can play Stick Cricket World Cup Edition and Stick Cricket Premier League.

This is not your ordinary cricket game. This is a special cricket game in which you have to shot six on every ball. It’s all about shot selection and only a real master can shot six on every hit. Select your team and get ready to face the world’s best bowlers as they try to stop you with fast and spin deliveries. Watch out for the bouncers too!

Stick Cricket 2.6.2 Mod Pro Apk (Full Unclocked) Download Free 

This game is made up of two versions. Basic (free) version has some limitations like you can only play up to 5 overs, there are only 3 levels of world domination and only 6 achievements available. On the other hand paid version allows you to play more than 5 overs like 10 or 10 overs and you can also play all the 14 levels of World Domination. Paid version also allows you to unlock 6 exclusive achievements. Two special modes of Stick Cricket are also available and you have to purchase them separately These special modes include World Cup edition and Premier league.

The game has made in the top 500 in the Google Play store which shows it is really popular among cricket lovers. This game is not only limited to cricket lovers. Even if you do not like cricket, you can still enjoy this game as it has the potential to keep you entertained for hours. Experience the true joy of hitting six on every ball. According to Sport magazine it is like seeing the world through Chris Galye’s eyes.

How to use: If you have the original game installed on your phone then uninstall it. Then download and install this mod. That’s it. You are all done.

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