ICC Cricket World Cup 2016 Patch for EA Sports Cricket07 Free Download!

ICC Cricket World Cup 2016 Patch for EA Sports Cricket07 Free Download!
Here comes ICC Cricket World Cup 2016 Patch exclusively made for EA SPORTS Cricket 07. Ultimate Cricket Word Cup 2015 fun with real teams, kits, realistic looking stadiums and players, overlays, logos and much much more. It definitely will bring you the best gaming experience till date. No other patch can beat A2 Studios in this business! So what are you waiting for? Just Download the patch from the Links given below. ICC World Cup 2016 Patch previews are attached. There is definitely much more in it what previews reveal! Mouth Watering Stuff, Isn’t it? Just go for it – download the ICC Cricket World 2016 Patch for EA Sports Cricket07.
ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Patch for EA Sports Cricket07 Free Download!

Install EA SPORTS Cricket 2007
1.   Extract the downloaded RAR File “A2 Studios’ ICC CWC 2015 Patch” to any Directoy of your choice.
2.    Run “CWC15PATCH.EXE” and install the patch in your EA SPORTS CRICKET 2007’s Root Directory.
3.    Download & Install “AC™256 HD Batpack” – link given below.
4.    Copy “CWC15.ros” Folder & Paste in “EA SPORTS(TM) Cricket 07″ located in My Documents.
5.    In game, Load the “CWC15.ros” first, & start playing ICC CWC 2015 Patch.
After Launching the Game,
1. Load the Roster “CWC15.ros” first
2. Go to Games Modes
3. Then Click on ICC CWC’15.
4. Select ICC CWC 2015
5. Then go to ICC Cricket World Cup 2015.
6. Set Fixtures as “2006” overs= “50
7. Select User Team & Start playing ICC CWC 2015 Tournament with Actual Fixtures.
Click the image to enlarge it!
game 2015-05-16 18-43-30-16game 2015-05-16 18-43-38-96game 2015-05-16 18-41-22-46game 2015-05-16 18-43-03-37game 2015-05-16 18-42-58-93game 2015-05-16 18-42-31-08game 2015-05-16 18-43-52-01game 2015-05-16 18-44-05-24game 2015-05-16 18-45-09-98game 2015-05-16 18-44-27-02

Download ICC World Cup 2016 Patch

Download Patch                     Download Update                         Download Game
You have to download each and every file below to avoid getting any kind of async. errors and make sure you follow the instructions above before complaining about any kind of errors

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