You have to perform as you read from here for Success !!

01- Your PHONE Must be ROOTED & USB Debug Mode Enabled & in Working Condition
02- Minimum 2Gb Memory Card Inserted into Phone 
03- Memory Card Must be 32 BIT Formatted 
04- Download VolcanoBox 2.2.8 & Install & Run
05- Connect phone in Powered on Condition 
06- Go to SPD Tab
07- Select 6820/8810 from Boot Selection 
08- Select One-Key Root
09- Select Backup Flash from Option
10- Untick Auto-Detect Pinouts
11- Click on Run
12- It will Detect Phone on ADB 
13- Software will ask you to give path where you want to save Flash file 
14- Wait for Software Finish Read Flash 
15- Open folder where you save Flash file
16- Search & Download LATEST VER OF ResearchDownload from GOOGLE ( SPD Factory Flashing Tool ) 
17- Open ResearchDownload ( X:\ResearchDownload\Bin\ResearchDownload.exe )
18- Click on Settings ( 2nd Button from left ) 
19- Now Need Attention !! You will see Many Check Boxes like


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