World Cricket Championship Lite

Play the pack of three of the most electrifying cricket games in the world: - World Cricket Championship - World Premier League - Super Fantasy Cricket League  Earn few extra points and 

unlock the PRO FEATURES!

World Cricket Championship Lite Windows phone download

World Cricket Championship Lite Windows phone download

  Don’t have enough points? Request for points from your friends. Taste the success of team work with the all new Gangs of Cricket! (Success comes with a reward!) Shout out loud and make new friends at the SHOUTBOARD!  FEEL THE STADIUM COME ALIVE with high quality graphics, professional commentary and a team that you create with your friends.  Have no doubt about the skills of your players. They are armed with 32 different cricket shots like nowhere else!!  Watch your massive sixes fly out in Slow-mo... feel the glory of the moment!

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